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Whatsapp status in Marathi for you Marathi people want to share statuses in Marathi. If we can have English Hindi and Bengali statuses then why not Marathi. So that is why we are having a list of best Marathi Whatsapp statuses to share with your friends, relatives, and special someones. Our list of  statuses for you includes, love statuses in Marathi sad statuses in Marathi attitude statuses in Marathi Marathi Shayari Marathi jokes and statuses Marathi attitude statuses for girls friendship status in Marathi Facebook statuses in Marathi We are having the best list for you, where you will absolutely get the best Marathi statuses according to your search. Whats status in Marathi in Attitude मैञीत आणी प्रेमात आपण _कुस्ती नाय फक्त मस्तीच करतो.. ##जगासाठ